Scientists were able to neurally connect a prosthetic hand and give the sense of touch back to one person. Albeit it’s not perfect we’re well on our way to achieving science fiction.

For the first time Dennis Sorensen was able to sense the hardness of a block, the softness of a piece of cloth and fragility of a styrofoam cup.

quit playing and give that robot a titty to grab



Nike Jerry Rice Free Trainer 5.0 NRG.

Over 20 seasons in the NFL, no player embodied the evolution of training quite like Jerry Rice. From his famous workouts in the hills of San Francisco to his punishing gym regimen, Rice pushed his own boundaries so he could push the game’s boundaries every Sunday. His commitment to constant improvement produced the most receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns in NFL history. His drive is the spirit behind the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 NRG inspired by Jerry Rice.